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Don’t worry, we are still independent! (April Fool’s Day Acquisition)

Published by April 5, 2016

You are awesome! Yes, maybe the April’s Fools article was a little over the top, but it was only a simple joke. What surprised us, though, was that it seemed real to you! As in, that you consider picjumbo so good that it could be acquired by someone so big.

But unfortunately no, Google did not buy us – yet! Nothing changes and you can still download all the pictures you like for free.

We are, however, planning some new features!

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picjumbo acquired by Google

Published by April 1, 2016

We are proud to announce that, starting today, picjumbo will be under the wings of Google, who has acquired it after weeks-long negotiations.

The content of picjumbo will be implemented into several Google apps and interfaces from now on; mainly into the Google Office suite where the photos will be available for direct use in text documents (Docs) or in presentations (Slides). Selected photos will be also available as system-default wallpapers in the Android and Chrome OS.

For regular picjumbo users everything stays the same – our photos will continue to be available for free on

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New version of All in One Pack is here: 800+ images!

Edit 15/5/2016: All in One pack is now included in the new picjumbo PREMIUM Membership. See more:

Picjumbo now has more than 800+ photos in its free version. And I know it would be very very hard to download them all. It’d be more than 1000+ clicks and more than 1000+ viewed pages.


I know, It’s not about downloading all images but I know there are many people who want to download them all and create their own photo library for design projects.

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We’re starting picjumbo blog!

Yes, it’s here! After two years I’ve found out that I have a lot to say. This new blog will be great place to share all the news and to be more in touch with all of you.

I really love backstage shots so you can look forward to behind the scenes posts, more personal shots from our phototrips, marketing or photography tips, reviews, round ups and all picjumbo news. All in one place — here on picjumbo blog. Now you can enjoy these two posts: round up with the best FREE food photos & post about our All in One Pack and if you’d like to be a regular author here on picjumbo blog, don’t hesitate to contact me via info /at/ 

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