3 PREMIUM Photo Collections Updated!

Published by May 30, 2019

In this blog post I’d like to recap what collections were updated and what collections we’re working on. Yesterday I updated our older collection #51 Business Meeting to reflect modern trends in photography.

If you’re our PREMIUM Member and if you like this edit, please go to your Dropbox folder and find collection #51. There you can easily preview all photos in high-resolution and also download full collection as a *.ZIP file via Download button in right corner.

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But Business Meeting is not the only updated collection. Last year through our newsletter we pointed out our updated collections #53 Christmas Collection 2015 & #72 Christmas Little Collection so you could get ready for Christmas time. But later, before St. Valentine’s Day, we also updated collection #38 Roses and collection #76 Modern Office. In total, five updated collections, 3 of them updated this year. Do you like them?

And what collections are we working on right now?

  • Macarons,
  • Bitcoins,
  • Bibimbap (Korean cuisine),
  • Cycling,
  • Waterfalls of Iceland,
  • Animals of Iceland,
  • Iceland Landscapes,
  • and Hallstatt, Austria.

And don’t worry! It’s not a line-up, this only means that we have photos for these collections and now we have to post-process them. And we have a lot of other ideas for new collections that you can get earlier. Also we will continue refreshing older collections so I definitely recommend you to join our PREMIUM Membership.

Thank you for your attention & have a nice day!