Heading to Iceland!

Published by May 12, 2018

Do you remember my blog post about San Francisco from a while back? Flying from the heart of Europe across the ocean to the United States was a quite a challenge for me back then. And now there is another one…

Yes! Another journey is here! It is somewhat the “on the spur of the moment trip” so we still have to pack and everything, but we are heading to Iceland this weekend! Island where you can experience all four seasons within an hour. Island that is still volcanically active. Island that has lava fields, geysers, mountains, and glaciers. Simply the perfect place to photoshoot diverse nature. I’m really excited about it!

Another great news is the most recent addition to the picjumbo gear: for this trip (and all the others in the future) I quickly bought the newest DJI drone Mavic Air, which absolutely amazed me. Small, portable and well designed (I like that in things)! And performance-wise it’s the same, if not better, as my last drone for which I had to have a really big separate backpack! So the same that I had to have in a large bag two years ago now fits in two pockets in my jacket.

So well, you can look forward not only for regular pictures “from the ground”, but for interesting aerial shots of patterns that nature was creating for thousands of years as well.

Yes, this trip will hopefully bring really, really good photos!

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