Join PREMIUM Membership easily with Apple Pay

Published by July 1, 2021

I’m happy to announce that now you can purchase our Lifetime Membership or subscribe to our monthly/annual plans easily with Apple Pay! 🥳

I’m a big fan of Apple Pay and these days it’s a real difference when I’m paying with Apple Pay vs. inserting the CC number, valid date and security number.

So, if you were lazy like me when you saw the checkout page, now it’s your time!

Join PREMIUM with Apple Pay

How to get in?

If you’re not sure how to join PREMIUM, simply go to, then click Pricing in menu or on any Subscribe/Join button. Choose your plan (monthly/annual/lifetime), and click Subscribe or Pay button. Then you’ll see this…

…and from here it’s simple. Just click on Apple Pay button, confirm it’s you on your device and you’re done!

Welcome in PREMIUM! 🥳