Our search engine was broken :(

This sucks! We found out just yesterday that our search engine on picjumbo.com was broken. Or, well, not working properly. And we have no idea how long it was that way. Ever since launch of this engine it was not set up properly and if searched phrase was too general or frequently used, it simply returned zero results. Some of the keywords that acted this way were alone, fire or above; and it also didn’t work with parts of words, like fire vs fireworks.

Anyway, on the night from Saturday to Sunday we set it up properly and now it works! Yay!

And since everything now works as it should, we hand picked some keyword that might come in handy:

search for Autumn
search for Halloween
search for Christmas
search for Fireworks
search for Champagne
search for Party

PS: A lot of pictures on these topics are also in picjumbo PREMIUM Membership so consider joining it.

Thanks for being with picjumbo,
Viktor ❤️