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Another photoshoot in studio = another PREMIUM collection coming!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on March 12, 2018 under , , , ,

Another photoshoot in studio = another PREMIUM collection coming! — picjumbo BLOG

So, here we go: we have finished another photoshoot for PREMIUM collection in our new studio. But I’ve got to say that sometimes it’s a hard work! I’ve bought more paper photo backgrounds but they came wrinkled and were almost unusable. So I stretched them over the table instead of hanging them and improvised. This collection is colorful and if…

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Pink Tulips From Below Handful of Blueberries Cars on Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Spencer Viewpoint Grilled Salmon Steak is Ready Young Freelance Woman Working Remotely from Café Curvy Alpine Road from Above Young Woman Enjoying Freedom at Wheat Field Country Bread Wonderful Rose Flower Close Up Mountain With Night Sky Full of Stars Colorful Carousel Swing Ride Woman with a Cup of Tea “A” Pillar in Modern Car Interior Dashboard with Steering Wheel Pink Macarons Christmas Baking Gentleman Holding a Bouquet of Roses and Waiting for His Wife Wet Tomatoes, Carrots and Parsley Ready to Cooking Little Girl with Sunflower in a Sunflower Field Slice of Watermelon in Woman Hand on Bright Yellow Background Coffee Beans Old Train Crossing the Old Steel Bridge Woman Listening to Music on a Sofa Girl Writing a New Text Message Woman Beauty Makeup Set on White Marble Background Ski Slope Sunny Skiing under Bright Sky Touch of Life: Fingers on Plasma Ball Lamp Fitness Girl with Yoga Pilates Mat Pile of CDs Compact Discs and DVDs Endless Hills Makeup Brushes with Place for Text
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