Teaser: Futuristic 3D Backgrounds

Published by 1 week ago

Hello my friends,

I am working on a new collection and here you can see what it will look like.

Futuristic 3D Backgrounds were ranked third in the survey, so after the Architecture and Waterfalls collections, I immediately started working on it.

Here’s what it looks like so far, and it’ll land in your inbox in the next few days:

Plenty of space for text, a beautiful playground for your creativity. Stories, posts, websites, keynotes, templates, … you can use these visuals everywhere.

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If you’re wondering what’s next after this one, I’m not sure yet. Often something comes up overnight, but in any case, there were a lot of requests for something about finances, so something like this will definitely follow.

Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for your attention!

Viktor from picjumbo