The new Sony lens just arrived — thanks to You!

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The new Sony lens just arrived — thanks to You! — picjumbo BLOG

I have a great news everyone! Do you remember the newsletter I have sent a while back with a link to a website through which you could support me (and the whole picjumbo project) by buying a few virtual coffees? And that if you buy a certain amount of them (166 to be exact) I could buy a new lens?

Well imagine this — I have just got the lens!

Even though I knew that the whole goal of reaching 166 “coffees” was doable, I didn’t expect it will be done in barely one month! And what’s even more heartwarming, with so much support and nice messages from you!

Just WOW!

The lens is here and now I can go out and take even more great pictures for you! I also want to use this blog to show you more of the behind the scenes of everything, of how the pictures and collections for picjumbo are made.

I will write more detailed post about this soon, here I just wanted to inform you about this news!

And now please excuse me, I am heading out to take more pictures that you can later download from picjumbo, and of course, for free! Julie, Lee, Brent, Edgar, Karina, Mark, Chani, Adrienne, Nozem, Julia, Carmen, Chris, Stefanie, Kylie, Trish, Rob, Giulia, Laura, Laurel, Kemya, Andrea, Emily, Mich, Monique, Kurt, Cass, Denise, Monica, Nancy, Aprille, Roanne, Andy, Lianne, Christiane, Cindy, Bob, Hayley, Greg, Traci, Angela, Sibilla, Laura, Ann, Rob, Nora, Ellen, PJ, Susan, Amy, Paul, Dianne, and many, many more of you (some also contributed as a company or remained anonymous), I just want to thank you one more time! Now you have directly influenced picjumbo and the pictures that will be made.

Thanks for being with picjumbo ❤

One of the first shots with the new lens!

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