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Heading to Iceland!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on May 12, 2018 under , , ,

Heading to Iceland! — picjumbo BLOG

Do you remember my blog post about San Francisco from a while back? Flying from the heart of Europe across the ocean to the United States was a quite a challenge for me back then. And now there is another one… Yes! Another journey is here! It is somewhat the “on the spur of the moment trip” so we still have…

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The new Sony lens just arrived — thanks to You!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on March 13, 2018 under , , , ,

The new Sony lens just arrived — thanks to You! — picjumbo BLOG

I have a great news everyone! Do you remember the newsletter I have sent a while back with a link to a website through which you could support me (and the whole picjumbo project) by buying a few virtual coffees? And that if you buy a certain amount of them (166 to be exact) I could buy a new lens?…

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WOW! 65 coffees in 24 hours!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on January 19, 2018 under , ,

WOW! 65 coffees in 24 hours! — picjumbo BLOG

Yesterday I sent a message about this website where you can directly support my effort and help me to get a new lens for even better photos. And you absolutely set the site on fire! 65 coffees and 44% of my goal to get a new lens in 24 hours! WOW! You made my day! And I believe we’ll hit 100% really soon!…

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Do you like picjumbo? Buy me a coffee or two!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on January 18, 2018 under , ,

Do you like picjumbo? Buy me a coffee or two! — picjumbo BLOG

..and help me reach my goal to buy a new lens for my camera 📸 Don’t worry, I won’t actually spend it on coffee! For more than four years I’m publishing new images on picjumbo (see what’s new on picjumbo) and giving all the pictures for FREE. Would you consider buying me a coffee and helping me reach my goal to buy a new…

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Modern Car Interior Sunset Over the Pienza Town in Tuscany (Val d’Orcia), Italy Wonderful Spring Blooms #2 Peace Hand Sign Two Fingers Up Woman Colorful Golden Gate Bridge in Foggy But Sunny Weather Old Pier and San Francisco Skyline with Bay Bridge at Night Young Woman Enjoying First Spring Sun Outside Fresh and Yummy Smoothie with Strawberries & Bananas Two Iconic MUNI Cable Cars in San Francisco, California Man with a Bouquet of Roses Young Woman Enjoying Morning Breakfast in Bed #2 Black Modern Minimalistic Desk Couple Relaxing After Mountain Hiking Locks Of Love Colorful Close-up Boat Rowing on a Lake “A” Pillar in Modern Car Interior Dashboard with Steering Wheel Woman Wrapping Christmas Presents Man With Open Arms on The Top of The Mountain Pier with a Lighthouse: Vintage Edit Internet Tea Time Beautiful Sunset Panorama with Swans and Charles Bridge in Prague Sunny & Colorful Mountain Scenery Minimalistic Blue Calm Sea Automatic Air Conditioning in a Car Old Wooden House on Braies Lake, Italy Dolomites Designer Holding a Notebook with Web Site Wireframes Layout Tropical Plant Close Up Minimalistic Background Black Styled Office from Above Tram in Prague Streets, Czech Republic Sexy Girl Wearing Bikini Swimsuit in a Sea
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